Affordable Chapter Leader Training at The Chapter Leader Lounge

2012-03-Cyn and DadWhen I was growing up, my Dad always told me to to “Do the right thing.”

Being a creative kid, it took me a lot trial and error to figure out exactly what was the right thing; however, by the time I was an adult I had it down pretty well.

For the last 15+ years, I’ve been traveling the country keynoting at association leadership events.

  • After almost every event, a smattering of local chapter leaders wanted me work with their boards and leadership teams.
  • Unfortunately, I was too busy or their budget too small.

Thanks to technology and my own skill development, I’ve found a way to make training with me very affordable.

The Chapter Leader Lounge is the home for my online chapter leader development center.

It includes three key components to provide chapter leaders just in time training for the entire year:

  • Over 20 videos on various topics key to chapter leader success – and averaging only 4-6 minutes long!
  • A monthly LIVE Question and Answer Coaching Webinar with me to answer pressing questions
  • My collection of almost 70 articles written about chapter leaders for chapter leaders.

It gets even better – I can offer all of the above for very affordable rates!

  • An individual can join for just $99/year.
  • A local chapter can join for only $250/year – and that includes access for their board, leaders, future leaders and more.
  • An association with chapters can also purchase a year membership for all the leaders in their chapters. The price depends upon how many chapters they have.

I’m super excited – and know I’m making my Dad proud.

To celebrate the debut of The Chapter Leader Lounge, I’ve got some founding member specials…

Members who join before April 29th will get to participate in a bonus live Q&A session with me.

  • That gives them 13 coaching events this year instead of 12.

Local chapters that sign up by May 30 will get a free half-hour consulting call with me via telephone.

  • I can join a board meeting via phone, coach the president, work with a team – lots of ways to use that half hour.
  • My normal consulting fee would be $250 for this call – which is the same price as jointing for all your leaders to get training!

Finally, associations that sign up by May 30th get to give all their chapter leaders access to this fun and effective training,

  • AND they will get a free half-hour webinar done by me specifically for their association – a value of $2,500!

Click here now to learn more about The Chapter Leader Lounge – and snag those founding member bonuses!

I’m thrilled to be able to basically bring my leadership training to any chapter who wants it.

What about you?

  • How do you provide just-in-time training to your members – so the information is there when they need it?
  • What are you trying new this year to add more value to those you serve?


Are Your Members Leaving Because You Don't Heart Them Enough?

I’m noticing a growing trend of disappointment from association volunteers.

  • Several have called me hurt more than complaining.
  • They were volunteer leaders who had to take a leave for a variety of reasons…
  • Surgery, family death, job change and more.

The source of their hurt – no one from their chapter cared they were not showing up.

  • In spite of being super active for many years.
  • And believing they had deep relationships with other leaders.
  • Not a card, call – or even an email.

IHeartRadioIt has been total radio silence – expect radio isn’t so silent any more!

  • In fact one of my favorite radio station misses me.
  • More than some chapters are missing their star volunteers.

I signed up for iHeartRADIO.

  • Made some stations around the country my favorites.
  • Listened to 104.3 MYfm in Los Angeles a lot.
  • And then I stopped listening to the radio while working about three weeks ago.

Two days ago, I got an email from iHeartRADIO saying 104.3 MYfm missed me…

“Hey there,

It’s been a while since you listened to 104.3 MYfm Los Angeles.

Did something heavy fall on you? If you need help, we’ll be right over to lift it off!

Come back and let us know you’re ok!”

An app on my phone cares more about me than many chapters show caring for their members.

  • In four sentences, I felt noticed, cared about – and missed.
  • Yes, I know it was auto-generated.
  • But it still made me smile.

This type of communication is growing as for-profits want to build emotional connections to consumers.

  • Your chapter is going to have to step up its game in caring for members.
  • Members will be asking themselves, “If an app can miss me, why don’t people who I’ve volunteered with for years?”
  • Without the heart connection, the reason to belong pales.

How do you stay on top of the big events in your members’ lives – and show that you heart them too?


What's New for 2014?

Cyn in tealI hope 2014 is off to a good start for you? What are you doing differently this year?

I have three things to share.

First, speaking wise I’m doing some interesting work on how to find and keep volunteers when the economy is booming.

  • Selling the opportunity to get invovled is very different when business is doing well versus when things are slow.
  • Leaders have to be aware of the shifting that’s happening – and keep up with it.

Applying this to chapter leaders:

  • How have you changed your volunteer opportunities to fit the new times?
  • How have you changed your recruitment efforts so potential volunteers see more value now?

Next, I’m continuing grow The Delicious Life Show – my weekly podcast designed to help women have a more delicioius life – no matter what the scale says.

  • I’m learning a lot about building international appeal – I now have listeners in 50 countries in only 8 months!
  • I’ve also been building program momentum by the people I’m getting to interview – continuously reaching towards more famous people.
  • Next week’s program features one of the stars from Lifetime’s Double Diva show – Molly Hopkins

Applying this to chapter leaders:

  • How have you developed your chapter’s attractiveness to other groups of potential members?
  • How are you building momentum with your programming to keep raising the bar and attracting more attendees?
  • If you want to see how I’m doing it, here’s the link to the show:

Finally last week I launched an online learning experience called, The Delicious Life Dating System – Find YOUR Potential Mr. Right in 90 Day or Less.

  • Even though I didn’t get enough interest for online leadership training I decided to move forward with another program.
  • This program uses the content model I developed for The Delicious Life Show and applies it to the world of dating for women.
  • I’m teaching the women the skills they need to know to make better choices via 20 10-minute videos.
  • I’m building a twitter intensive strategy to promote it – and already have my first participants!

Applying this to chapter leaders:

  • How are you using your current content model to create new learning opportunities for members?
  • How are you using videos with your members?
  • What social media strategy are you going to focus on this year to build more momentum for your chapter?

So that’s what I’m doing differently this year.

How about you? What are you doing differently in 2014?


Hear Cynthia Speak at ASAE

2013 Cynthia D'Amour Black and OrangeAre you attending ASAE13 in Atlanta?

If yes, make sure you check Cynthia’s program on designing experiences to energize member innovation.

  • Tues., August 6th
  • 9 AM
  • Room B213

Cynthia and Sharon Kneebone, IOM, CAE, Membership Director at the Institute for Food Technologists will share insights from two years of co-creation programs with IFT leaders.

Cynthia worked with Sharon and IFT leaders to develop content on site that could be transformed into valuable tools for IFT leaders.

  • Last year, they created a membership development action plan for multiple target markets.
  • A few weeks ago, the leaders did volunteer needs analysis for multiple events which will be synthesized into a tool for IFT component leaders.
  • Leaders still rave about both experiences.

Cynthia and Sharon will share the process they used to design the experience as well as tool creation and implementation at their session in Atlanta.

If you attend, make sure you say, “Hi!”


Invitation to a Two-fer Next Wednesday!


  • You need new members.
  • You want new members to become active members.

You don’t have time to do it all!

Try a Two-fer strategy.

  • New members will sign up when they get how your chapter is worth their time investment.
  • New members become active when they know how to get plugged in to that which interests them.

A short informational experince can help you meet the needs of potential and new members.

  • Paint a big picture – don’t be boring!
  • Explain different ways people are involved – sound exciting.
  • Use QA at the end to customize for participants.

Experience a live example.

Next Wednesday, I’m doing a 15-minute webinar – Intro to My Delicious Life! Model. 

  • My Delicious Life! Program is an online experience to help women keep off the weight they work hard to lose.
  • It’s also a space for me to test and finetune strategies I teach volunteer leaders.

The goal of the webinar is to orientate current new members and educate potential new members.

  • All will learn about the 5-part model the program is based-on.
  • New members will hear about the different areas and events where they can get involved.
  • Potential members will learn about an unusual approach to losing weight and keeping it off.

If  you want to experience a two-fer approach or learn a new approach to losing weight for the last time, join us next week.

There’s no charge to attend.

Register today!

Intro to My Delicious Life! Program
Wednesday, May 15th
1:00-1:15 PM ET

Register here:



From Dad with Love

I am a daddy’s girl. I have been all my life.

Two days ago, on Wednesday, my dad passed around 10 PM. I was with him for the last 31 hours of his life.

During those 31 hours, my dad taught me three big lessons about life – even though it looked like he was just lying on the bed with his mind ravaged by Alzheimer’s.

Here is what I learned:

1. We have an unlimited potential to bring joy to others.

Dad had lived at a Sunrise Senior Community for most of the last two years.

I felt like I was sitting with a VIP as staff person after person came to my dad’s room to say goodbye to him.

  • (A few even came in on their day off to make sure they could see him one last time.)
  • With teary eyes they would share funny stories about their interactions with Dad.

Some may think a person with advanced Alzheimer’s has little to offer the world – my dad was a life-toucher in spite of it.

There are no limits for our ability to impact others.   

2. Taking care of you helps you take care of others.

As many of you know, over the last two years, I’ve lost about 80 pounds.

My trainer Mollie helped me do it by building my muscles.

  • Around the start of this year, I graduated to really big weights.
  • Last week I was doing squats with 175 pounds on my back.

I love being stronger and healthier.

  • There have been many personal benefits.
  • Never realized how important my strength would be to anyone else.

At 5 AM on Wednesday, Dad had a little panic attack.

He threw himself basically off the bed.

Luckily I was sitting next to him at the time.

  • I jumped to my feet and caught him before slamming into the floor.
  • I was able to lift him back to his bed safely and get him comfortable again.

A year ago, I would not have been able to do that.

 You never know when your better self will become important to others.

3. Love transcends all.

My dad’s mind was ravaged- death was knocking on the door.

And still, my dad’s love came through crystal clear for me.

I spent those 31 hours awake at Dad’s side.

  • Watching over him.
  • Talking with him.
  • Loving him.

Much of that time it was just the two of us in the room.

By 6 PM Wednesday, I was once again on my own with Dad.

The hospice nurse had just left.

  • She told me it could be a few hours or maybe even a day still.
  • People go when they are ready.

 One of the Sunrise med techs who gave Dad his medicine brainstormed with me what Dad might be holding out for.

  • Was there someone he needed to see?
  • Something that needed to be done?

I contacted my friend Tim who is a Methodist minister (and very cool guy) to see if he had time to chat with Dad.

He called us back around 8 PM.

Tim talked with my dad about the rich life he’d had and how Dad was going someplace wonderful.

  • Tim then talked about pain in those left behind and the release through the grieving process.
  • He told Dad he would help me with it – and I saw Dad respond.

By the time I hung up with Tim, Dad’s breathing had shifted in pattern – a step closer to death.

I realized Dad was worried about me and knowing Tim would be there made a difference.

  • So I chatted with Dad about Tim and his family.
  • How excited we were they were moving back to Ann Arbor.

 At 9:45 PM, Dad had his next round of medicine.

  • The med tech told me he could still last for hours.
  • I wanted to help him out of this pain.

If Dad loved me enough, in spite of his ravaged brain, to hear relief in Tim’s words, I needed to love him enough to make it easier for him to not cause me pain.

  • Around 10 PM, I stood and told him I loved him
  • Gave him a kiss and let him know I was going to the dining room to get something to eat.
  • I would be back in 10 minutes or so.

Walking away was the hardest thing this daddy’s girl has ever done.

By the time I reached the dining room, he was gone.

Nothing can get in the way of determined love.

Never did I expect those last hours with Dad to be such a learning experience – I should have known better.

I love you Dad.

Learn How to Create Active Online Communities

Building active communities takes a lot more than setting up a group on LinkedIn, Facebook or your own website.

The setup is the easy part.

The challenge is building an active community online.

  • Beyond the occasional answer to a community manager’s steady stream of questions.
  • Way beyond a community where only the crickets chirp.

If you want to learn how to build an active online community, I have an interesting opportunity for you.

Many of you know I’ve lost 80 pounds over the last few years.

I’ve got a lot of passion about helping others on their Fitness Quests.

I’m about to launch a private online community to help women keep off the weight they work hard to lose.

This is where you might come in…

I realized this launch process is a fabulous potential learning experience for association professionals like you.

So I designed an experiential learning program for you.

  • You’ll get to learn my strategies for building an active community online.
  • And have a safe space to practice critical skills.

The program will cover the strategies and experience from prelaunch through launch to building critical mass in the community where members initiate more than 50% of the discussions.

(Very few association online communities I’ve seen reach this critical mass point.)

Here are a few details:

  • The program starts Feb. 27th.
  • It’s a combination of webinars, videos, group work, analysis with me – and tons of hands-on experience opportunities.

When you are done, you should have a framework and the confidence to build your own active online community.

Sound interesting?

  • You need to register as soon as possible.
  • Space is limited.
  • Plus this is a one-time offer.

Click here to learn more now.

I’m really excited to be able to build this community – and help association professionals like you at the same time!





Winter 2013 Fast-Break Webinars Are Here!

Happy New Year!

Are you ready for an even more amazing year as a chapter leader?

With your input, we’ve created six new webinars to help chapter leaders this winter.

  • Each includes specific ideas you can start to use right away.
  • All last only 15 minutes!

Here’s the line up:

  • 1/15: Burnout No More!
  • 1/24: Make It Fun to Grow Your Chapter
  • 2/5: Is Your Chapter a Future Leader Repellant?
  • 2/21: Get More Members Engaged on Your Facebook Page
  • 3/5: Give Your Members a Bigger Voice to Get Them More Involved
  • 3/21: Get Your Members Mixing at Your Chapter Meetings

For more details and to register for any or all of the webinars, go here.



Social Media During Times of National Crisis

Our hearts broke with the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary – so very sad.

Watching how people dealt with and continue to deal with social media in the aftermath has been a mixed bag.

Jennifer Abernethy, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing, created a short video giving tips on how to handle a national crisis.

The three-minute video addresses personal and corporate audiences, however has a lot of great insights for those of us in the association world as well.


Were you prepared strategically to address this crisis in an appropriate way for your members?  

What if the crisis had involved your members? Would you know what to do?

Got Ideas for Fast-Break Training for Chapter Leaders?

Cynthia D'AmourHey Chapter Leaders!

  • Got some issues you could use some help with?
  • A problem you’d like some possible solutions for?
  • An area where you want to learn more to help your chapter?

We are working on the calendar for Fast-Break training for chapter leaders for winter.

Have a few spots where we are still looking for ideas.

If you’ve got a specific area you could use help with, please let us know in the comments below!