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Laura Ray

Turn Paper Members into Active Members with Laura Ray

Turn Your Chapter's Paper Members into Active Members with Laura Ray Sometimes the easiest way ...
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Why RC video

Why You Need to Recruit New Members This Fall

Who Will Your Chapter Hurt if You Don't Recruit New Members? I've been talking a lot about getting started...
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Courtesy is HOT for the 4th of July

Couresty is HOT for the 4th of July   One of the big 4th of July memes that's flying all over Facebook a...
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Puzzle to solve

What Do You Think?

Would This Blueprint Help You? I speak regularly to a lot of frustrated chapter leaders... (Any of this ...
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Get Your Members to Show Up and Help Out with Paul Marks

Get Your Members to Show Up and Help Out with Paul Marks from Monroe County Farm Bureau Wish more member...
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full set of nails

A Full Set Surprise!

A Full Set Surprise!   For years I invested in having my nails done. I thought my prayers answered whe...
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Women's Running Magazine Got People Talking Today!

Women's Running Magazine Created a Stir! When is the last time your chapter made the Internet buzz? With...
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Abigail Stauffer - Not Your Typical Musician

And Then She Started to Fly!   On the 4th of July, we stopped at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival to hear s...
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Being perfect

Is This a Nightmare - Or Dream Come True?

Is This a Nightmare - Or a Dream Come True?   Can you imagine someone getting an award because they did ...
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