Where Do You Get Your Leadership Training?

We want so much our volunteer leaders…

  • We want them to strategically lead our association into the future.
  • Create a dynamic home for members.
  • Deliver valuable engagement opportunities.

Yet, do we set them up to succeed?

I’m curious to see if people depend upon their association and chapter for leadership development – or if they get it at work and other places as well.

Please take this week’s poll:

Tell me more! Feel free to share your experience and insights in the comments below.

Are Boring Meetings Volunteer Repellants?

I’m regularly challenged by committee chairs that getting the work done is all that matters when it comes to running a committee.

  • Committee members (volunteers) need to show when there’s a meeting.
  • And do the work assigned.

Is that really true? Or does the chair also have a responsibility to the volunteer experience?

Imagine this scenario… You’ve agreed to serve on a volunteer committee.

You attended the last meeting and calling it “boring” is an understatement.

  • Committee reports drowned on forever.
  • The chair lectured nonstop about the work the team had to do – rather than asking for input.
  • You weren’t allowed to talk and it didn’t matter you were there.

Will you attend the next committee meeting?

Why did you vote the way you did? Share your comments below.


Would You Attend This Meeting?

I’ve got a question for you based on a scenario…

A new chair contacts her team members about their first meeting.

  • They do a little poll to find best time.
  • She sends an email with date, time and location for the meeting.
  • It’s three weeks before the meeting.

The day of the meeting arrives.

  • There has been no word from the chair for three weeks.
  • No agenda has been sent.
  • Nor gushy “Can’t wait to see you!” kind of note.

Would you show up for the meeting?

  • In other words, does a lack of any communication prior to a meeting influence your attendance?
  • Do you assume everything will be great?
  • Or skip it because you’re not sure it will be worth your time?

Vote on the poll below.

  • (I’ll tell what really happened to one chair’s first meeting next week.)
  • Feel free to share your comments as to why as well.

UPDATE: July 8, 2014 – The chair in the story had a 50% no-show rate for her kick-off meeting.

She did better than our voting results…

Our vote-to-date, when I add in votes that were shared on my Facebook page, comes out to 16 – Yes, they would attend without an agenda and 28 – No, they would not attend.

  • This translates to 36% Yes and 64% NO show.
  • Committee chairs please prepare your agendas and share them in advance.
  • Make sure you  also read the comments. There are some great insights there too.

Given the vote, I’m making a new video for members of The Chapter Leader Lounge on how to turn your agenda into a power tool.

Stay tuned.

Lead BIG - Or Go Home!

2014-04-CynthiaSuper excited to share my newest body of work.

  • I can do this as a keynote.
  • Half or full-day workshop.
  • Even a multiple day event.

There’s lots of room for customizing to your leaders needs.

  • The content applies to work as well as volunteering.
  • Designed to be my typical hands-on, high energy style.
  • I’ve got a variety of plans in the works on how to go deeper.

Here’s the description for
(drum roll, please!)...

Lead BIG -
or Go Home!

Do you ever…

  • Wish you could be a leader who produced big results
    instead of just a repeat of last year with a few minor variations?
  • Wonder why some leaders are able to move things forward -
    while you struggle to survive the day?

Cynthia D’Amour, MBA, author of The Lazy Leader’s Guide to Outrageous Results will share key insights she’s discovered from more than 20 years of working with thousands of leaders to help you take your leadership success to the next level.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Lead with more confidence.
  • Create a stronger leadership presence.
  • Produce bigger results with more ease!

Come ready to roll up your sleeves and learn specific how-to ideas you can use right away to lead BIG or go home!


It’s a very exciting body of work!

Got an event coming up where you want a high-energy experience for attendees giving them information they can use immediately?

This program might be a great fit!

Contact me now to check availability – and see how this program will make your members rave!


Would You Groupon Membership in Your Association?



The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan is using Groupon to sell memberships.

  • They launched in yesterday’s Groupon promotional email.
  • Two years for the price of one – save 50% for a limited time!
  • It’s an interesting concept.

Michigan may lose 50% dues revenue but…

  • They might reactivate the emotional pull in new members.
  • Have permission to sell to them for two years.
  • Make lots of money off all the stuff dedicated alumni buy.

According to Groupon advertising stats, they reach a lot of the potentially right people for the Michigan Alumni Association.

  • 61% have college degrees
  • 67% make over $50K
  • 67% are 18-45 years old

Or is it a bad idea?

  • Being associated with Michigan is prestigious – not a deal.
  • According to Harvard Business Review, academic research says companies get more customers in short term.
  • And lower favorability ratings afterwards.

So how did Michigan Alumni Association do on Groupon?

  • The first 24 hours produced only eight sales.
  • (There’s still five days left!)
  • Not quite the landslide some deals have.

Should the Michigan Alumni Association have tried Groupon?

  • Time will tell.
  • What do you think?
  • What is the most unusual way your association has tried to sell memberships – and did it work?

Share your comments below.


Thursday Tours and Grand Opening Promotions

binocularsThursday Tours
with Cynthia D’Amour

Special promotions
to celebrate the opening of the Chapter Leader Lounge.

For Local Chapters:

Get a free half-hour coaching for your chapter with Cynthia when you join as a local chapter before May 30th.

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Congrats to Our First Friday in May Give-Away Local Chapter Winner

Lazy LeaderCongratulations to the Hartford Association of Insurance Professionals.

They are the first local chapter to win a membership in The Chapter Leader Lounge.

With this membership, HAIP is able to give all of their chapter leaders (including future leaders) access to leadership training and support.

  • This includes short snappy videos filled with how-to solutions for specific chapter challenges.
  • Checklists for specific leaders or chapter goals.
  • Monthly live coaching events with me.

Want your local chapter to be the next winner?

We are giving away one local chapter membership in The Chapter Leader Lounge every Friday in May.

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One in Five Association Members to Get Keynote by Cynthia D'Amour

Cynthia D'Amour in Black and OrangeYes it’s true!

Every time five associations join The Chapter Leader Lounge,
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When it comes to getting members more involved, Cynthia D’Amour, MBA is one of the reigning experts in the association world.

Her keynotes are famous for high-energy, lots of fun – and giving participants specific ideas they can use right away.

Here are the details:

Association members = association that sign up their chapters for The Chapter Leader Lounge.

The keynote is a single program up to 90 minutes long. If you want Cynthia to do more for your association, there will be an additional charge.

Already booked Cynthia for an upcoming event? No problem.
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This offer is good for future events only. No refunds for past events.

The association will be responsible to pay for Cynthia’s travel.

Cynthia will speak for your association on a mutually-agreed upon time
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Don’t do face-to-face events? If you association prefers, Cynthia will dotwo webinars for your association instead of the keynote.

Any association holding current association membership
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This offer is valid through July 30, 2014.

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Membership Give-Away for Local Chapters Every Friday in May!

To help celebrate the launch of The Chapter Leader Lounge,
I decided to give one lucky local chapter a membership
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This contest is only for local chapters that have no chapters themselves.

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The first winner will be announced on May 2nd!


The Amazing Tool Every Leader Needs to Know About

logocanvaOne of the critical components to chapter success is effective communication.

  • Whether via email.
  • Social media.
  • Or flyers to persuade to action.

Most chapter leaders have good intentions and limited, if any, design skills – or interest in learning them!

  • Most design programs are expensive.
  • And have a very steep learning curve.

cll-join2So what’s a chapter leader with limited time and a need for compelling graphic communication to do?

Join Canva.

  • Canva is an online graphic design program.
  • With templates created by real designers.

I like Canva because it’s easy to use and basically free.

  • You can upload your own graphics
  • And create some fun stuff.



If you want the professional photos they offer, the cost is only $1/photo.

  • And save if you buy in bulk.
  • Get 11 credits for just $10.

I use it for almost all of my graphic needs now.

  • Headers for blog sites.
  • Fun photos for Facebook.
  • And anything I want to make sure looks nice.
    (Like what you see in this post)

Check out Canva today at http://www.canva.com

For those wondering… I received no compensation for this post. Just love it so much I had to share!