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tilting world puzzle

The World Is Tilting

The World as We Know It Is Tilting I recently read that, within a few years, information in the world will double every 63 days. It boggled my mind. Every 63 days??? How can that be? What will it feel like? We got a taste of that speed this week.  It feels like the world as we know it is tilting... Every time I go online or watch TV, some breaking news causes a pivot of sorts - whether the latest on President Trump, the news from Elon Musk or some biotech breakthrough identifying a cure or cause of something. [...]
healthy canary

How Healthy is Your Association?

How Healthy Is Your Association? Coal mine tunnels were dangerous for miners when gasses, such as carbon monoxide, collected intensely. In the early 1910s, coal miners started to take canaries down in the mines with them. The canaries were more sensitive to the dangerous gasses than humans. If a bird became sick in the mine, the miners knew they needed to get out of that area immediately. (Technology eventually replaced the canaries.) In our disruptive world, your association also has a canary indicating its health moving forward into the future. The canary is your front-line involvement for members – your [...]
jump ahead

Don’t Jump So Far From Me!

Don't Jump So Far From Me! What follows is a learning-curve story. (Should help you get farther faster with your members.)For more than 20 years, I've worked with chapter leaders and presented at association leadership conferences. When I offered a free 30-minute webinar about reading the waves of change, I expected chapter leaders to jump to sign up – like they usually do.All of the disruptions and resulting change is serious stuff. The future is a great unknown. Every CEO, staff member, association leader AND chapter leader should understand at least the basics of reading the waves of change.The chapter [...]
waves of love

Find Love Reading the Waves of Change for Your Association

Find Your Mr./Ms. Right Reading the Waves of Change for Your Association You get disruptions are happening and a future-focus is a must for your association. To secure the future, you need a team of people regularly reading the waves of change for your association. The Challenge: Some of your leaders and staff aren't thrilled with learning this new skill set - even though it has the potential to make them superstars for helping to guide your association to a brilliant future. What's an association leader to do? You can't force them to learn this critical skill set - so [...]
money flowing

Earn More Money Reading the Waves of Change for Your Association

Earn More Money Reading the Waves of Change for Your Association   You may be wondering what I'm doing... Last week, I talked about how reading the waves of change can help you find your Mr./Ms. Right. This week, I'm delving into how the same skills can help you earn more. What does love and money (and even weight loss) have to do with being a successful leader in the future? The answer is EVERYTHING! The higher up you are in your association, the more you understand it is important for you to help secure the future. For those not [...]
humans dressed up

Humans Need Not Apply

Humans Need Not Apply I've noticed the future is barely conceptual for many. They hear changes are coming. Life is going to be different. Yet it doesn't totally hit home. Every day I scan a variety of sources as I do my own reading the waves of change. I came across this video on YouTube. It does a fabulous job explaining why the disruptions around us are different from what we've experienced before. It uses powerful analogies and makes things real. Thought I'd share here with you. (The video is 15 minutes but it's mesmerizing.) I can see the video [...]

Thriving in the Future is a Team Sport

Thriving in the Future is a Team Sport Traditionally in many associations, thinking about the future and doing strategic planning is an elitist space.Few are allowed to participate. The CEO (and possibly the chair) are the visionaries at the table. The facilitator is brilliant. The board is committed. Together they determine your association's future.The rest of your association members and staff are supposed to implement that which was determined. Members are the receivers of the brilliant strategic outputs. Ideally, members will excitedly embrace whatever was decided for them. Unfortunately, that’s not reality. Especially when the association wants to go in [...]
black lips kiss of death

The Kiss of Death for Your Association

The Kiss of Death for Your Association After sharing my analysis and predicting more than half of associations will be dead or dying by 2030, I'm exploring more concepts impacting the future of associations.Today we are focusing on an association epidemic.When it comes to addressing the future, the kiss of death is the already established battle cry of, "That's not how we do things! We always do it this way!"You can hear this passionate stand in almost every association. For years, the commitment to repeating the past resulted in chasing away younger and/or newer volunteers who challenged all the work [...]
man in a boat in a galaxy cloud showing power of pause

The Power of the Pause

The Power of the Pause Have you ever read an article or an email where the author writes on and on and on? A paragraph is like a mile long - and no matter how interested you are in what's being said, your eyes get into lift off and scanning is activated. You pick up speed as you fly over the big block of copy - it's become a BLOB of gray space. If the information is important, you may chastise your brain for shifting to skim. You go back to the beginning. Start wading through the copy. And, darn [...]
waves of choice

Which Choice Will You and Your Association Make?

You Have a Choice to Make Which choice will you and your association make?We talked about the disruptive changes barreling down on the future of associations - and people in general.You can't stop the changes happening.They are in the works and many already exist. They are simply growing into their potential such as robotic systems replacing humans in many jobs.What is a leader (and an association) to do?You've got a big choice to make... Will you be a victim or a creator?Being a victim gives you a sense of powerlessness. The changes are bigger than you are. There's nothing you [...]