Changing Times Will Test Your Relevance

Unstable conditions ahead

When conditions are stable, being a solid association is easier.

  • You look to data as your guide.
  • Doing things the way you've always done it keeps things moving along.
  • It's a fairly comfortable space to be in.

We haven't lived in stable times for several years - especially now.

  • The recent election has launched massive emotions.
  • Many feel scared, angry, confused and unsure of their future.
  • The president-elect appears to be setting up for significant changes.

Such unstable conditions demand your association try new things to stay relevant to members.

  • How you've always done things has to stop being your guiding rule.
  • Dramatic change like what we are experiencing demands response and action.
  • How will it impact your members and what are you doing?

Don't worry about looking for the silver bullet that's going to fix everything.

  • You don't have time to wait for you to find it.
  • Your members need attention now.
  • What is something you can do to show your members you understand what's going on and you are there for them?

For example, I just launched a Powerful Woman Program to help women embrace their natural power.

  • Many women feel less confident since the election and are scared.
  • Tapping into their feminine power will personally help them and help heal what's going on.
  • We'll be working on skills and building a supportive community of women who raise each other up.

Is being this responsive taking advantage of members - like gas gouging?

  • It depends upon how you do it.
  • I've been passionate about helping women be more powerful for the bulk of my life.

We don't have anything budgeted for big discounts and/or new programs.

  • You don't have to discount anything.
  • You need to be there for your members in meaningful ways.
  • Support and caring doesn't have to be expensive.

That kind of responsiveness will take extra effort - it's easier to keep doing things the way we've done them.

  • You do NOT need to redesign your entire association.
  • You DO need to be there for your members in concrete ways when change is this intense.
  • Whether the changes are viewed as positive or negative doesn't matter - it's change that needs to be supported.

What can you do for your members to bring support in this time of unstable conditions?

  • Educate them on what's happening relevant to their profession and industry - or to those your mission serves.
  • Explore as a community how members might be impacted.
  • Bring members together to feel supported.

What can you add to your mix in the next three months to show your members you are there for them - in other words, still relevant?

If you are or know a woman who would benefit from feeling more powerful, please check out my Powerful Woman Program at

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