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Earn More Money Reading the Waves of Change for Your Association

Earn More Money Reading the Waves of Change for Your Association

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You may be wondering what I'm doing... Last week, I talked about how reading the waves of change can help you find your Mr./Ms. Right. This week, I'm delving into how the same skills can help you earn more.

What does love and money (and even weight loss) have to do with being a successful leader in the future?

The answer is EVERYTHING!

The higher up you are in your association, the more you understand it is important for you to help secure the future.

For those not being paid or perhaps on the national board, reading the waves of change to help secure the future is just an item on their overflowing to-do list.

At this point, some of you may think if they don't take this seriously, why do we need them?

The reality is the vast majority of most members don't pay a ton of attention to what's going on with the strategic future of your association.

Getting on a to-do list is a big thing.

Also remember, your association needs to be more nimble. Engaging more members in wave reading will increase your association's ability to respond to disruptions.

To get your members' time, attention and commitment to helping you read the waves of change, you need to make it more relevant to them.

You could try to scare your members...

Our association is going to die if you don't care and take action!

Guilt may work with mothers; however, it has limited reach in your members' worlds.

Members have to care about your association for guilt to work.

Unfortunately, your average member is probably not that emotionally connected to your national organization and your local chapters tend to lean towards doing things the way they've always done them.

You need more than just your super-engaged members involved. You've got to wake up your regular, less-engaged members to make them excited to help you read the waves of change.

One way to do this is frame the benefits of the actions you want them to take in ways that are relevant to them.

The higher priority the relevance, the more time and effort you will get from your members.

Am I expecting you to do a whole find Mr./Ms. Right campaign to get your members to help read the waves of change?

Not necessarily.

However, you might do something fun with the concept. Spring and love go hand in hand. A cheeky fun promo might work with the right association.

We are going into a disrupted world of yet to be discovered ways and new norms.

The old ways aren't going to be as relevant. Plus, the unexpected gets attention which is the first step for convincing more members to join your wave reading team. (Or anything else you want members to be involved with!)

On that note, let's explore money and power!

7 Ways Reading the Waves of Change Can Help You Get More Money, More Power - and Possible Promotions!

#1: You read every room with ease.

As you become more competent in reading the waves of change, you'll realize people are also like waves of change.

As a result, when walking into things like a networking event, you'll be able to scan the people in the room. You'll be more aware of where the trouble and opportunity are happening in the room. You'll know who you need to talk to so you can achieve your goals for the event.

#2: You see opportunity before others do.

Being early into a market makes a huge difference in the profit you make. Massive insights exist when you go to impact times three.

Strengthening those skills will help open your eyes to the abundance of opportunities always surrounding you - if you know what you are seeing!

#3: You know when to get out of something sooner.

Like the song says, "You've got to know when to hold them. Know when to fold them." Trained to see impact extended, you'll be one of the first to notice when the tides are changing and it is time to get out of some product or service.

Getting out just before things turn is a valued talent and can save you a ton of money too.

#4: You are more likely to avoid costly mistakes.

Trained to analyze impact before taking great action, you'll be more likely to be open to seeing when something's not going to work out as you thought.

You know how to work through an idea beyond the initial glow of excitement to see what kind of staying power and potential it truly has.

#5: You explore more options than the average person.

The old way is to go for the one big idea and hang your career on it. With your eye trained to see the impact of impact of impact, you realize there is an abundance of options to explore.

You don't have to limit yourself to a black-and-white, do-or-die scenario because you know you always have other choices.

#6: People see you like a stronger leader.

Leaders are traditionally associated with being the ones who know where the team should go. Given your ability to easily read the waves of change, you'll appear to have some inside scoop.

The ability to help your team be more successful with more ease - which makes you worth more.

#7: Your stress level will go down.

Life can be less stressful. Being able to see an abundance of choices and knowing when to zig instead of zag will boost your confidence - and decrease your stress.

Being good at reading the waves of change will give you a sixth sense about what's going to happen. You'll know you'll always be able to figure out an alternative path if needed. You see opportunity and abundance wherever you look.

Life becomes richer on many levels which lowers stress in your body. And because your stress level is lower, you are able to enjoy life more - which makes you even richer!

Learning how to read the waves has the potential to transform your life in powerful and profitable ways.

You are not alone in figuring this all out.

We will face the future together.

- Cynthia

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