How Old Are Your Rules?

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Last week was a tough one for me.

  • I attended a four-hour workshop on email marketing.
  • While many things are the same as they've always been, a lot has changed.
  • There came the rub.

One of the things I learned about was a SenderScore.

  • According to the expert, it needs to be 90+ to be as effective as possible with emailing newsletters and such.
  • He gave us a website to check our domain name's score.
  • Told us if lower than 90, it's challenging and expensive to clean up.

Of course, I checked my domain,

  • Learned I have several international friends who had adopted my domain!
  • Friends who like to send undesired email - lots of it!
  • Our scores (one for each sending computer) ranged from SIX to 67.

I almost threw up.

  • No wonder emails James and I send each other get caught in filters.
  • My newsletter open rate had dropped dramatically.
  • I had no idea foreign companies could be the source of my pain.

The implications temporarily overwhelmed me.

  • New emails addresses are needed.
  • A new website given how everything is interwoven.
  • All sorts of behind-the-scenes adjustments needed.

How the heck did I get in this mess?

  • I was a fairly early adopter.
  • I've had my domain and been emailing for business for around 20 years.
  • How did this sneak up on me?

It's been a humbling week...

  • Some of my key business beliefs got the cold bucket of water in the face thanks to that workshop.
  • I spent the last few days investigating what other beliefs and rules are creating unnecessary challenges.
  • Just call me The Update Queen!

Thriving on change - even when it surprises you - is all part of being a leader.

  • How about you?
  • Have you and your board done an audit of your key beliefs about how to be successful lately?
  • Are you actively updating so you stay relevant and in touch?

We can do this together!

(Stay tuned for some exciting new adventures with me. Given I have to do so much changing with technology, decided to really go for it!)

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