The World as We Know It Is Tilting

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I recently read that, within a few years, information in the world will double every 63 days.

It boggled my mind. Every 63 days??? How can that be? What will it feel like?

We got a taste of that speed this week. 

It feels like the world as we know it is tilting... Every time I go online or watch TV, some breaking news causes a pivot of sorts - whether the latest on President Trump, the news from Elon Musk or some biotech breakthrough identifying a cure or cause of something.

This firehose of change - whether positive creating opportunities or perceived as more negative - is exhausting.

How are you taking care of you in the midst of all this change?

What are you doing to monitor potential impact for your organization and members?

For example...

I just finished teaching an intro webinar on how to read the waves of change.

In it, I shared one of the things that made me go hmmm this week was that by 2020, some are predicting 85% of customer service will be handled by AI. Eventually, the number will push 100%.

One of the attendees immediately asked for the source as she was part of her organization's customer service department.

Because she showed up to learn how to read the waves of change, she learned about a wave of change with big potential to change her life.

Catching it early, with almost three years of notice, she has time to analyze the potential impact for her.

How accurate is the source from a timing perspective? What does she need to do to prepare for the AI arrival? What jobs might she be interested in next if she needs to move? What training and experience does she need to get in the next few years? 

Asking the interesting impact questions now lets her be a creator of her future - rather than a victim of change.

How are you monitoring the waves of change slamming into us ferociously this week?

I don't see the pace slowing down much in the near future. You've got to take action now.

How are you preparing to be there for your members? To help them feel safe? To get ahead? To help them also be a creator rather than a victim of change?

These are the types of questions your leadership team needs to be looking at to be there for your members - which will help keep your association a must-have in your members' lives too.

Need help with the analysis?

If you don't know how to read the waves of change, I've got your back.

I'm doing one more 30-minute intro program as a gift to our community. It happens on May 31st at 2 PM ET.

Here's what participants are saying about the free intro program:

"Appreciate actually working through the process and not just hearing about how to do it. Helped get my brain going"

"As a retired association executive and now volunteer leader, this is groundbreaking information."

Get more information and register here:

Together we can create a future of endless possibilities.

What path will you and your association choose?

- Cynthia

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